Tulumba was a 3-day gathering in Abteilung für Alles Andere. Our recent experience of the resistance in Turkey is a strong part of the event that will take place here (with a tendency to emphasize emerging dynamics of solidarity, resistance, civic disobedience, and freedom). It was also another attempt for us to consider what kind of responses art can offer through these days of spontaneity and struggle.

We started the first day with a public performance that began from the water pump on … street. As 7 members of Kaba Hat, we pumped 5 buckets of water from the closest public water pump and carried them back to the space forming a human chain. After we came back to the space, we started to prepare a mixture in order to create a floor table. The next day, we have gathered around the table and had lunch with the participants and had discussions about topics mentioned above. The third day we have deconstructed the table and ended the 3 day gathering. During this 3 day gathering a small exhibition accompanied the event that took place in Abteilung für Alles Andere.